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• 8/21/2017

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• 3/28/2014

Nukish a god or a nightmare?

I know nothing about any of these games. However, wether you believe in dreams or not; I can tell you that I had a vivid dream of a Hawaiian god called Nukish. I don't know why I precieved he was Hawiian, I just knew. He was sourounded by Island totems and a statue of the Virgin Mary. He was the infestation of vermin and insects, vile and an abomination. This evenig I researched the name Nukish. Oddly it belongs to Hawiian immigrants. i do not know what to make of this. I only leave a message on this sight because it was a devastaninly vivid dream. I have no idea why I am leaving this message. I only know there is a connection. I am not a medium, psychic or any other paranomal phenomenon. I simply had a vivid and intense dream that has forced me to take action. I do not know why.
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• 9/2/2013

NSC Countries description that needs to be set up on the page.

So if you don't know how to set up the Wikia, or are just too lazy, you could write a short info on your country and post it to this thread, so I will post it to the Wikia.
Also, if you need some help with updating the Wikia you can ask me on Skype or here:
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• 9/2/2013

Help with updating Wikia!

I really hope Jochen doesn't mind that I've started up this new type of Forum instead the old one we had on the wikia, that is now archived, but this one is easier to use.
Anyway, what I wanted to say:
If you need help with updating your page you can ask me for help.
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