ATV, or Arjan TeleVision, is the national broadcaster of Arjastan. It has hosted and produced NSCs 1, 2, 4 and 15, as well as all Arjan national finals to date. It also provides the live linkup to Crnovac where the Arjan spokesperson delivers the televoting results in the contest.

Atv rough

ATV Logo‎

ATV was founded in 1946, but did not begin broadcasting regularly until 1962, and only broadcasted 24 hours a day as of 1989. ATV2 was launched in 1997, followed by ATV3 in 2001, ATV News & ATV Sport in 2002 and ATV Intellectual in 2004. Its main competition comes in the form of A2.

In terms of programming, ATV's main audience winners, apart from NSC & the Arjan NF, include Charmed, Desperate Housewives, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Arjan SpokespeopleEdit

  • NSC1 - Jewel
  • NSC2 - Elin Lanto
  • NSC3 - Belén Arjona
  • NSC4 - Indo Aminata
  • NSC5 - Shannon Noll
  • NSC6 - Naimee Coleman
  • NSC7 - Marti Dodson of Saving Jane
  • NSC8 - Belén Arjona
  • NSC9 - Rose McGowan
  • NSC10 - Stan van Samang
  • NSC11-14 - Marti Dodson
  • NSC15-16 - Fiona Bruce
  • NSC17 - Tina Cousins
  • NSC18 - Charlotte Church
  • NSC19 - Holly McNarland
  • NSC20 - Emma Mortensen (Emmie)
  • NSC21 - Keith Murray of We Are Scientists
  • NSC22 - Chesney Hawkes
  • NSC23-27 - Eva Longoria
  • NSC28-37 - Tom Lenk
  • NSC38 - Elaine Hendrix

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