Map of Capitalia

Capitalia is one of the 6 states of Spila.

Geography Edit

The state is situated on the northern side of Spila. It borders the Spilian states of Indipendia and Bedingfieldia. It's the smallest state by area, and also the biggest by population (about 10 000 000 people; about a third of the Spilian population).

The capital of Capitalia and the whole Spila is Carine City. It lays on the northernmost point of the World. It's the largest city of Spila. The estimated population of the Carine City urban area is cca. 8 million inhabitants. It hosted the NSC 2 times so far. Other big cities in Capitalia are:

  • Vieter (pop. 1 250 000): the largest industrial center in Spila.
  • Mores (pop. 870 000): the main port in Capitalia.

There are no mountains or hills in the state. The highest point (35 m) is on Brgeč, one of the two islets off Carine City.

The biggest river is Vasser. It originates in Indipendia, under Norg Mt. and flows through Carine City. Its main tributary is river Meir, that flows through Vieter.

History Edit

Capitalia shares a lot of history with its neighbor Indipendia. Those two states are known as the so-called "heart of Spila". They united in the 11th century and adopted the name Spila for the new country. As the centuries passed by, it became the economically strongest country in the region. That's why Continentia decided to unite with them in 1843. Soon, the Former Escotian Republic of Bedingfieldia decided also to do that. Those united countries attacked Eastern Escotia and put them under Spilian control, thus making the territory of Spila 2.5 times larger than it originaly was.

After the enlargement of Spila, Capitalia, as the administrative and industrial center, survived a real economical and immigration boom. The population of Carine City has grown from 150 000 to 8 million in less than one century. The city and the whole state keep on growing today also.

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