Cydoni-Gibberia Television, a.k.a. CyGiTV, is the national broadcaster of Cydoni-Gibberia.

Notable Programs Edit

These are the home-grown programs produced by CyGiTV themselves.

As well of all of these, CyGiTV broadcasts at least Cydoni-Gibberia's semi and the final of the Nation Song Contest each year. CyGiTV broadcast both semi-finals in 20, 21, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 31-44 and 46 onwards. However, viewers could view the other semi-final in other years via international channels from other competing nations.

Recapitulation Department Edit

CyGiTV also has a team specialising in creating recapitulation videos. They have provided recaps for every edition of The Pulse Of Music, various edition of Dalisska's NF, a cancelled Swelatian NF and a Fervorosian NF, as well as the official recaps of NSC 51 and 55. The department is open to applications for a recap to be produced for nations around the world and these applications can be send by PM to the nation leader, Sean.

NSC Final Spokespersons Edit

NSC 20: Mike Ardriay (Head of CyGiTV)
NSC 21: DJ Sammy
NSC 22: Brobee (Part of Yo! Gabba Gabba)
NSC 23: Mike Ardriay
NSC 24: Richard Ashcroft (The Verve lead singer)
NSC 25: Mike Ardriay
NSC 26: Patrick Nissley (InnerPartySystem lead singer)
NSC 27: Patrick Nissley
NSC 28: Patrick Nissley
NSC 29: Mike Ardriay
NSC 30: Patrick Nissley
NSC 31: DJ Sammy
NSC 32: Patrick Nissley
NSC 33: Torbjorn Brundt (member of Röyksopp)
NSC 34: Mike Ardriay
NSC 35 onwards excluding NSC 51: Patrick Nissley
NSC 51: Torbjorn Brundt

Notes Edit

  • In NSC 21 DJ Sammy was banned from going to NSC as a performer, but CyGiTV let him announce the votes to make up for it.
  • In NSC 29 Mike Ardriay announced the final votes as Patrick Nissley had represented the nation in the same edition with InnerPartySystem.

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