Cygovision 112

Cygovision 112 is the national selection event used by CyGiTV to select Cydoni-Gibberia's entry for Nation Song Contest 112 in Paperland. As the nation finished 3rd in the previous contest, Cydoni-Gibberia will be prequalified for the final of the contest and as a result the winning entry of this edition of Cygovision will be performed in the final of the Nation Song Contest.

Format Edit

The selection was the first Cygovision to be held since 102 and the first since 96 to have a semi-final round. 12 songs competed to represent the nation. Three songs from each semi-final will qualify to the grand final in Vardychinov.

Semi-Final 1 Edit

Host: Spórtcentrisk, Danishri

Draw Artist Song Rank Points Result
01 Racing Glaciers First Light Qualified
02 The Potbelleez Saved In A Bottle 7 38 Out
03 Wolf Alice Moaning Lisa Smile Qualified
04 Rustie Raptor 6 43 Out
05 Nothing Dig 4 56 Out
06 Jon Hopkins We Disappear 8 31 Out
07 The Head and the Heart Another Story Qualified
08 Born Gold Abdomen 5 44 Out

Semi-Final 2 Edit

Host: West Capital Arena, Laskivé

Draw Artist Song Rank Points Result
01 Last Lynx Lacuna Qualified
02 François & The Atlas Mountains La Vérité Qualified
03 Hundred Waters Murmurs Qualified
04 DubVision Hollow 8 30 Out
05 Panama Always 4 50 Out
06 Froxic You Can Dance 6 45 Out
07 Model Aeroplanes Electricity 5 47 Out
08 Bearcubs x Tom Misch Colours of Freedom 7 34 Out

Final Edit

Host: Vardychinov Arena, Vardychinov

Draw Artist Song Rank Points Result
01 Wolf Alice Moaning Lisa Smile
02 Hundred Waters Murmurs
03 The Head and the Heart Another Story
04 François & The Atlas Mountains La Vérité
05 Last Lynx Lacuna
06 Racing Glaciers First Light

Trivia Edit

  • François & The Atlas Mountains, if chosen, would mark the first Cydu entry in 80 years not sung in English.
  • Born Gold is the only entrant to have previously gone to NSC. He finished 22nd in Nation Song Contest 79 where he was prequalified.

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