Denmark of Peace debuted in WLSC 10 with song "Mercy Mercy" performed by Swedish girl band Le Kid which finished 10th out of 18 entries with 78 points. Denmark of Peace has regulary participated in 19
Denmark of Peace
editions of WLSC from WLSC 10 to WLSC 28 without missing an edition. It achieved one bronze medal, two silver medals and two golden medals (WLSC 26 ; WLSC 28). Denmark of Peace co-hosted WLSC 23 with Brughentwerp.

In total Denmark of Peace has finished in TOP 10 15 out of 19 participations. The worst result of Denmark of Peace was 18th place achieved in WLSC 18

Denmark of Peace had its official National Final called Festival. It had only one edition which was consisted of five songs from discography of korean girl band Secret. The winning song represented the country in WLSC 18. Apart from Festival, Denmark of Peace has organised many various National Finals. Unfortunately their results will remain unknown.

Denmark of Peace withdrew from the contest following the 28th edition.


Edition Artist Song Place Points
WLSC 10 Le Kid Mercy Mercy 10. 78
WLSC 11 Radio Killer Don't Let The Music End 7. 69
WLSC 12 Saša Kovačević Kako Posle Nas 11. 74
WLSC 13 Sunday Girl Love U More 5. 84
WLSC 14 Victoiria Justice You're The Reason 7. 73
WLSC 15 Nina Zilli L'amore Verrà 10. 49
WLSC 16 Aura Dione Geronimo 3. 88
WLSC 17 Chisu Baden Baden 10. 61
WLSC 18 Secret (시크릿) Shy Boy 18. 32
WLSC 19 Sys Bjerre Alle Mine Veninder 7. 66
WLSC 20 Brasch Bence Játék 12. 58
WLSC 21 Mylène Farmer Lonely Lisa 6. 70
WLSC 22 Jennifer Rostock Ich Kann Nicht Mehr 2. 95
WLSC 23 Shaun Baker Frontline 9. 65
WLSC 24 Ellie Goulding Lights 12. 62
WLSC 25 Florrie Shot You Down 2. 107
WLSC 26 Marina & The Diamonds Oh No! 1. 111
WLSC 27 Kimbra Cameo Lover 5. 68
WLSC 28 Alizée Moi... Lolita 1. 120

Colour Meanings:

  • Gold - 1st place
  • Silver - 2nd place
  • Brown - 3rd place
  • Orange - 4th - 6th place
  • Navajo White - 7th - 10th place
  • Olive - Bottom 5 place

Festival 1Edit

Festival 1 was the first and only edition of Festival, official National Final of Denmark of Peace. It was consisted of
Festival 1 logo

Logo of Festival 1

five songs from korean girl band Secret's discography (Love Is Move, Shy Boy, Madonna, Starlight Moonlight and Magic). The winning song was "Shy Boy" which represented Denmark of Peace in WLSC 18 finshing 18th out of 23 entries with 32 points marking the worst result of Denmark of Peace
Festival 1 - konačna tabela

Full scoreboard of Festival 1

in WLSC. 


  • WLSC 13 banner
  • WLSC 14 banner
  • WLSC 15 banner
  • WLSC 16 banner
  • WLSC 17 banner
  • WLSC 18 banner
  • WLSC 19 banner
  • WLSC 20 banner

The representative of Denmark of Peace on ESCUNITED forum, VasilijeM used to make promo banners and put them in his forum signature in order to promote WLSC entries of Denmark of Peace.

Many artists who represented Denmark of Peace made guest appearances in other Waiting List countries.


Denmark of Peace - WLSC history recap07:38

Denmark of Peace - WLSC history recap

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