Flag of Elennia

Population: ca. 12 million

Capital: Elendilia

Main language: Elennina (Nordic + Fenno-Ugrian {particularly Finnish} + Elvish)

Elennia just entered once in NSC 12 but their debut was more than successful. After passing from the microstates qualifications to the semi-finals, they qualified to the final as well, achieving a top 10 spot. They ended up last in the next MPSQ. Following their participation in the Anthem spinoff, Elennia withdrew from the contest, citing their reason as protest against political voting.

Edition: Song: Singer: Place: Points:
NSC 12 Micr. Qual. Guardian Angel Lovex 2nd 146
NSC 12 Semi-final Guardian Angel Lovex 7th 121
NSC 12 Final Guardian Angel Lovex 6th 112
NSC 13 Micr. Qual. Thin Lizzy Don't Believe a Word 10th 90

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