600px-Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svg

Flag of Erovia

Name: Independet Democratic Republic of Erovia ( Erovia)

Name (on Erovian) : Нъзавистнÿ Еръвска Демокьратска Ръспубликь

Capital: Uyicey (Ујицэ)

The biggest cities: Uyicey ( 1 904 065), Kgyer Mgykmesht (Кѓер Мђкмешть- 756 070), Tolkiyevo (Тôлkијевô- 556 227), Loklashkjev (Локьлашкјев. 335 706)

Area: 256 087 km2

Population: 9 577 068

Official language: Erovian 99 %

other languages: Horehronian 1 %...

Erovia made its first debiut on NSC 53.

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