Fast Food Rockers, the one hit (#2 placing)wonder UK cheesy pop band. The Fast Food Song entered ESC in Nation Song Contest 14 for Mooseland

  • Ria
  • Lucy
  • Martin

make the band

after interviewing Ria, Mooselands Chief presenter & General Dogsbody Davina McCall has this to say

  • D: You Took on this job, you have a lot of pressure how does it feel having the nations trust in your, somewhat of a better word cheesefest?
  • R: Cheers Davina, we obviously don't get the WHOLE nations support, but we intend to try our hardest to pass that semi and win for good ol' Mooseland
  • D: Great, haha lets see you flip or flop

and after this Mooseland came 19th in the Final

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