National Flag Edit


National flag

The Flag of Saint Joe & Southgulfa shows the old naval jack, which was also the flag of the province of Saint Joe on the left side.On the right side, there is the old flag of Southgulfia. The green stripe symbolizes the fruitful country, the blue stripe the sea, the 3 small stars the provinces Saint Joe, Southgulfia and Tirol and the big star the Bundesdistrikt.

Officially it's the

  • National flag
  • Flag of the state
  • and official flag

of Saint Joe & Southgulfia

Jack Edit

Saint joe flag

Jack of SJSG and flag of the province of Saint Joe

The jack of Saint Joe & Southgulfia is a quadratic flag with an orange border and a yellow cross. It is also the flag of the province of Saint Joe.

Flags of leadersEdit

Flag of the King Edit

Flag of the president Edit

Flags of armed forcesEdit

Naval Flag Edit

National Emblem and flag of the Air Force Edit

National Emblem and flag of the Royal Air Force.

Merchant flag Edit

Flags of provinces Edit

Saint Joe Edit

Southgulfia Edit

Autonome Tiroler Republik Edit

This is the offical flag of the Autonome Tiroler Republik, but there are some regional flags, see Autonome Tiroler Republik

Bundesdistrikt Edit

Old flags Edit

This was the national Flag of Saint Joe & Southgulfia until 1919

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