Draw Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Illumia Hi Fashion Sonic Boom
02 Fervorosia Crash Bandicoot 2 The Eel Deal, Sewer Or Later, Hangin' Out Music
03 Cherniya Keren Ann Not Going Anywhere
04 Calypso Sebastian Lind Another You
05 Reym-L-Dneurb Mickey 3D Respire
06 Waloria unknown MSN (Remix)
07 Adamsburg Kleerup & Loreen Requiem Solution
08 10 Regions of Mobius Susumu Hirasawa Parade
09 Rumia Red Hot Chili Peppers Hard To Concentrate
10 Anselmsmumonia Julie Brown 'Caude I'm A Blonde
11 Doire Valentina Wolves
12 Horehronieland Sopho Khalvashi Unacceptable
13 Pigeon Island Little Big Everyday I'm Drinking
14 Bacchus Phillip Phillips Home

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