Luca Dirisio is an Arjan singer who will represent Arjastan in Nation Song Contest 22. Luca was born & raised in the state of Azhulia, in eastern Arjastan, in the small village of Štanohjär. He began life as a mechanic before a group of friends encouraged him to take part in a local singing competition, in which he placed 4th out of 16 finalists. After this, Luca discovered that he had a taste for singing and music, and began to sing all over Arjastan on the amateur circuit. After a while, Luca was noticed by a talent scout and signed to AHS records, one of the bigger music labels in Arjastan. His debut single, "Per Sempre" reached #26 in the Arjan singles charts despite receiving very little commercial promotion, and was seen as something of a breakthrough success for him. The followup single "Sparirò" went in at #39, followed by "Il Mio Amico Vende Il Te" which reached #52. His debut album, "Luca", soon followed, and despite receiving quite some critical acclaim failed to reach the Top 75 albums chart, crashing out at #84 before dropping off the radar altogether. In the aftermath of the Angel City debacle after NSC21, ATV were at a loss to find established Arjan artists willing to take part in the competition, so turned to record companies to nominate one of their failing clients they wished to promote more - and AHS put forward Luca. Despite not being rated very highly by bookmakers prior to the national final, Luca won by a huge margin, both amongst the Arjan population and with the international juries as well. He ended up winning the first semi final in Jastistia, and finishing 3rd in the final, making him the fourth most successful Arjan entry to date. A re-issue of "Per Sempre" gave him a follow up Top 5 hit.

Song Peak Chart Position
Per Sempre 26
Sparirò 39
Il Mio Amico Vende Il Te 52
Calma E Sangue Freddo 1
Per Sempre (Re-issue) 5
Arjastan in the Nation Song Contest
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