Date August 1st - August 2nd, 2009
Host Zombira Zombira
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Winner Qele Qele - Eskimo Disko - 7-11
Voting system 12, 9, 6, 4, 2, 1, 0 points
Entries 7
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Nul points None
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Nation Song Contest
MSN NSC NG 23        MSN NSC NG 25

MSN NSC New Generation 24 was the 24th edition of the MSN NSC New Generation and was hosted by Zombira.

Qele, thanks to the British band Eskimo Disco, was the winner of this edition for the 4th time in its history, recieving 47 points.

Entries Edit

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube Place Points
01 Qele Eskimo Disco 7-11 YT Link 1 47
02 Ugaly Dream Theater Caught In A Web YT Link 4 29
03 Zoidiac Dúné Victim Of The City YT Link 7 10
04 Lukeland Hafdis Huld Kungulo YT Link 5 23
05 Yaponesia Agrikulture Kompor Mele YT Link 3 36
06 Reym-L-Dneurb Soap&Skin DDMMYYYY YT Link 2 43
07 Zombira Nu Pagadi Sweetest Poison YT Link 6 14
08 Ametan Folder5 Believe YT Link 8 6

Controversy Edit

Zoidiac failed to vote in this edition of MSN NSC New Generation and therefore received a 75% deduction of points. However, they still avoided the last place and had more total points than Ametan. Lukeland managed to vote in the very last moment, sending their votes by phone.

Winning songEdit

Qele Eskimo Disco – 7-11

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