Najkrajšia Pesnička 133
Date 1 March, 2016 - 6 March, 2016
Host Horehronieland Waiting Iist of Shelley & Nici
Venue Eirulan, WSNTJTKDJE(Final)
Winner Nostalghia - I'd Still Kill You
Voting system Each voting jury awards 1-8, 10, and 12 points to their 10 favourite songs, as well as provides a 0 to 10 rating of each song.
Entries 11
Debuting nations None
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Nul points None
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Final voting 1 March, 2016 - 6 March, 2016
Final results 6 March, 2016
Nation Song Contest
NP 96        NP 134

Najkrajšia Pesnička 133 was the 3rd edition of the Najkrajšia Pesnička and it served as the National Final for WSNTJTKDJE in NSC 133. The winner of this edition, Nostalghia, has got the rights to the represent the country.. This edition was also marked by a new voting system.



Draw Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Tatar ft. Uka Sanahgui Yum Baina Link 4 161
02 Laurel Luna Link 2 197
03 Sabah Al Nadda Link 9 138
04 Boggie Camouflage Link 3 170
05 Passed On The Grind Link 7 150
06 Steve Maitland, Ed Lima Main Theme (Empire Earth) Link 4 161
07 Nostalghia I'd Still Kill You Link 1 201
08 Musov Shoko Ballad To A Wigged Dog Link 9 138
09 Blake Neely The Dark Archer / It Is I Who Failed This City Link 11 116
10 Deadboy and the Elephantmen Stop, I'm Already Dad Link 4 161
11 Oh Wonder Dazzle Link 8 139



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