The Anthem Spin-off was a Spinoff contest in which all nations, part of the NSC World, chose a particular country anthem from around the world. There were also nations which submitted a self-made anthem which were Ugaly, Maccha-Brugia, Effiland, Reym-L-Dneurb and Noizeland. The show was hosted in Vorhota.




Draw Nation Country Anthem Name YouTube video Place Points
01 Belvist Serbia Bože Pravde YT Link 13 52
02 Shamitri Portugal A Portuguesa YT Link 19 43
03 Ugaly Ugaly Reign Of Engines YT Link 11 64
04 Maccha-Brugia Maccha-Brugia Maccha-Brugian Anthem YT Link 4 85
05 Alinta United States of America The Star Spangled Banner YT Link 15 49
06 Swelatie Israel Hatikvah YT Link 5 84
07 Lyapunovia France La Marsellaise YT Link 2 96
08 Calypso Brazil Himno Nacional Brasileiro YT Link 8 77
09 Begonia Paraguay Paraguayos, República o Muerte YT Link 26 15
10 Elennia Finland Finlandia-Hymni YT Link 24 23
11 Zombira European Union Ode To Joy YT Link 10 76
12 Rotterdamus Colombia Himno Nacional de Colombia YT Link 22 32
13 Magna Grecia Russia Hymn of the Russian Federation YT Link 1 117
14 Gozitania Malta L-Innu Malti YT Link 23 31
15 Effiland Effiland Effish Anthem YT Link 18 46
16 Prasia Turkey Istiklal Marşi YT Link 20 38
17 Vorhota Székelyföld Székely Himnusz YT Link 12 56
18 Yaponesia Japan Kimi Ga Yo YT Link 17 47
19 Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb Iewz Essülf Dnu Nie Ees YT Link 16 47
20 Arjastan Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Mamlekettik Gimni YT Link 14 49
21 Saint Joe & Southgulfia Argentina Himno Nacional Argentino YT Link 21 33
22 Mooseland United Kingdom Rule, Brittania! YT Link 25 19
23 Viola Per Sempre Austria Österreichische Bundeshymne YT Link 9 76
24 Comino Italy Il Canto degli Italiani YT Link 3 85
25 Instir Hungary Isten, áldd meg a magyart! YT Link 7 81
26 Noizeland Noizeland Oak Island YT Link 6 84




Final ResultsEdit



  • While recieving the votes, Alinta was the last country to score and was a surprise 0 pointer for a while.
  • Noizeland got 3 12s, all 3 came from countries who voted at the end.
  • Eventual runner-up Lyapunovia got the most 12s (4), while winner Magna Grecia got only one.
  • Even though it was close, Magna Grecia was leading during the half of the show (after Gozitania's votes) and never gave away the first place.


  • The concept of the contest was critized before the show and it lead to the withdrawal of Adamsburg, Astique and Spila.
  • After the results show Elennia announced its withdrawal citing political voting.

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