The Anything Spinoff was a Spinoff contest ... Hosted by Zombira

Participants Edit

Draw Nation Entry Link Place Points
01 Zombira The word "mamihlapinatapai" and the awesomeness of the woman Link 6 68
02 Fervorosia Coolness of the Hajdúböszörmény city name Link 11 37
03 Llama Republic Nation Song Contest Link 5 76
04 Anselmsmumonia The Resielence Against and Vocal Articulation of Death Portrayed in the Given Scene Link 3 87
05 Lithia escforum net Link 15 26
06 Bacchus Hate for Justin Bieber Link 13 29
07 Canedonia The life on Earh during early Paleozoic - The early steps of evolution Link 7 66
08 Randomia Winky Winky Bum Bum sex education lesson Link 12 32
09 Pigeon Island Nation Song Contest - We are the otters picture Link 3 87
10 Doire Comic Sans MS as the best font Link 16 23
11 Halito The idea of using game mechanics to convey metaphor and the given game's ability to do that l1 l2 1 113
12 Rumia "How to catch a kangaroo" - Professional guideline Link 2 99
13 QuiénDQ LOL-factor of the video Link 14 28
14 Öösingimaed Accidentally googling 'y' and discovering this Link 9 55
15 Horehroneiland Celinas live televote Link 10 45
16 Reym-L-Dneurb Following the instructions Link 8 57

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