Nation Song Contest - Eurovision Special 6


Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Shamitri Lisa Andreas Stronger Every Minute [ Link]
02 Vedatistan Chiara That One That I Love [ Link]
03 Begonia Stefan Raab Wadde Hadde Dudde Da? [ Link]
04 Arjastan Fazla Sva Bol Svijeta [ Link]
05 Prasia Angelica Agurbash Love Me Tonight [ Link]
06 Zombira Zdob şi Zdub Boonika Bate Doba [ Link]
07 Astique Lou Let's Get Happy [ Link]
08 Swelatian Moose Dmitri Koldun Work Your Magic [ Link]
09 Giggshood Roger Pontare When Spirits Are Calling My Name [ Link]
10 Vorhota Jonathan Cerada A Chaque Pas [ Link]
11 Doklea Glennis Grace My Impossible Dream [ Link]
12 Xorientia Joëlle Ursull White and Black Blues [ Link]
13 Ugaly Michelle Out On My Own [ Link]
14 Spila Deen In The Disco [ Link]
15 Eurora Edsilia Rombley Hemen En Aarde [ Link]
16 Tüsenia Hanna Pakarinen Leave Me Alone [ Link]
17 Tír an Abhainn Ruffus 80's Coming Back [ Link]
18 Effiland Jenny Sense Tu [ Link]
19 Magna Grecia Anna Vissi Everything [ Link]
20 Lyapunovia Lúcia Moniz O meu coração não tem cor [ Link]
21 Comino Mary Spiteri Little Child [ Link]
22 Rotterdamus Todomondo Liubi, Liubi, I love You [ Link]
23 Adamsburg Aivaras Happy You [ Link]
24 Scorpionia Evridiki Comme ci, comme ça [ Link]
25 Alinta Sophie & Magaly Papa Pingouin [ Link]
26 Sunoma Six4One If We All Give A Little [ Link]
27 Belvist Selma If I had Your Love [ Link]
28 Calypso Xandee 1 Life [ Link]

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