Nation Song Contest - Halloween Spinoff 2 was a special spinoff edition of the Nation Song Contest, where nations sent scary songs to compete. The contest was hosted by Scorpionia.

Participants Edit

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube Place Points
01 Tohru Staind Epiphany YT Link 20  18 
02 New Acadia Stars The Five Ghosts YT Link 11 57
03 10 Regions of Mobius Shiny Toy Guns Ghost Town YT Link 94
04 Comino Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells YT Link 17  30 
05 Bokia Glee Cast Time Warp YT Link 13  56
06 Kamandé Jack Lenz Goosebumps Theme YT Link 14  46 
07 Roseland E Nomine Wolfen (Das Tier In Mir) DM Link 98 
08 Reignland Big Splashes Trick or Treat YT Link 21  18 
09 Scorpionia The Cure Lullaby YT Link 12  56 
10 Mooseland Scooby Doo Scooby Doo Where Are You? YT Link 816 
11 Noizeland Die Ärzte Junge YT Link 60
12 Horehronieland Nox Arcana Vampire Exorcism YT Link 81 
13 Rumia Zywiloak Dybuk YT Link 10  58 
14 Nukuland Eiko Shimamiya Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni YT Link 15 41
15 Viola Per Sempre Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark YT Link 59 
16 Kostanovia Dope feat. Justin Bieber Die Motherfucker, Die! YT Link 19  26 
17 Kingdom of Erås The Count The Song of the Count YT Link 69 
18 QuiénDQ Rihanna Disturbia YT Link 77 
19 Pigeon Island Ludo Love Me Dead YT Link 1 119
20 Adamsburg Marit Bergman No Party (To go to) YT Link 18  27 
20 Cydoni-Gibberia White Lies Death (Crystal Castles Remix) Link 16  41 

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