Prior Reality TV/Idol Contestants gathered to find out who would be crowned the "Nation Idol". Singers/groups from prior singing competitions were eligible to enter the contest to fight for the victory.

== Participants ==

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube video Place Points
01 Tomstria Tomstria Maria Lawson You're Beautiful YT Link 5 64
02 Escotia Escotia Susanne Manning I Don't Want To Talk About It YT Link 14 37
03 Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb Birgit Kubica Big Spender YT Link 8 58
04 Alinta 1 Alinta LaToya London All By Myself YT Link 3 75
05 Mooselandvj6 Mooseland Daniel Boys The Lady Is A Tramp YT Link 15 33
06 Noizeland Noizeland Tom Everything YT Link 11 51
07 Comino Comino Fantasia Summertime YT Link 12 47
08 Rotterdamus Rotterdamus X2 Without You YT Link 6 61
09 Belvist Belvist Justin Guarini Get Here YT Link 7 59
10 Shamitri Shamitri Raquel Guerra Fame YT Link 8 58
11 Bokia Bokia Katherine McPhee My Destiny YT Link 1 88
12 Saint Joe and Southgulfia S.J. & Southgulfia Eric Papilaya Blame It On The Boogie YT Link 4 66
13 Astoria Astoria Radmila Manojlovic Romale, Romani YT Link 10 54
14 Giggshood Giggshood Sibel Hero YT Link 2 79
15 Spila 1 Spila Magdi Rusza Ederlezi YT Link 13 40

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