NSC NF is a spinoff of the Nation Song Contest where all the participants may only enter songs which participated (and didn't win) a country's national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The second edition was hosted by ? in Sunland's capital Waterfall City.

Participants Edit

Draw Nation Artist Song YouTube video Place Points
01 Shamitri Dima Bilan Not That Simple YT Link
02 Mooseland Deuce I Need You [? YT Link]
03 Unicorn Land of Geysers Ali & Lis It Just Comes Natural YT Link
04 Begonia Saša Lendero Mandoline [? YT Link]
05 Mountbatten Island Sonja Aldén För At Du Finns [? YT Link]
06 Spila Akcent Jokero [? YT Link]
07 Rotterdamus Medi-T On And On YT Link
08 Comino Lara Azzopardi Stay With Me YT Link
09 Gabriel Danni Elmo 2 In 1 [? YT Link]
10 Tomstria Anastasia Stotskaya Shadows Dance All Around Me [? YT Link]
11 Giggshood Sarek Genom Eld Och Vatten [? YT Link]
12 Arjastan Kerli Beautiful Inside [? YT Link]
13 Phinechendza Maja Sazdanovska & Jovan Jovanov 1, 2, 3 YT Link
14 Escotia Drömhus Stjärna På Himlen [? YT Link]
15 Bokia Helena Paparizou OK [? YT Link]
16 Alinta Corinna May Hör' Den Kindern Einfach Zu YT Link
17 Medina Charlene & Natasha Echoes Of Gaia [? YT Link]
18 Belvist Lovex Anyone, Anymore [? YT Link]
19 Sunland Shirley Clamp Min Kärlek YT Link
20 Xorienta Nina Čarobno Jutro [? YT Link]
21 Ugaly Magnus Uggla Band Johnny The Rocker [? YT Link]
22 Astoria Elena Risteska Peam YT Link
23 Effiland Trine Rein Here For The Show YT Link
24 Instir Crystal Összetört a szívem [? YT Link]
25 Saint Joe & Southgulfia Andreas Johnson A Little Bit Of Love [? YT Link]
26 Noizeland E-Rotic Queen Of Light [? YT Link]

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