NSC NF is a spinoff of the Nation Song Contest where all the participants may only enter songs which participated (and didn't win) a country's national final for the Eurovision Song Contest. The second edition was hosted by Alinta.


Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Hibernia Dervish Until We Meet Again
02 Begonia Zdob și Zdub Hora Cosmica
03 Tusenia Natasza Urbanska I Like It Loud
04 Giggshood Magnus Carlsson Live Forever
05 Rotterdamus Ines Iseendale
06 Vedatistan Mariza Ikonomi Ku Është Dashuria
07 Lyapunovia Diamondz Ata Hackochav
08 Arjastan Offside Dreaming About You
09 Zombira Lordi Bring Back The Balls To Rock
10 Astique After Dark La Dolce Vita
11 Calypso Sofia Hypnotized
12 Belvist Danijel Đurić Millionaire
13 Swelatie BWO Temple Of Love
14 Effiland Sepp Can You Hear Me
15 Scorpionia Nazareth Tu Voz Se Apagara
16 Doklea Eva Černe Čudeži Smehljaja
17 Shamitri Mirela La Reina De La Noche
18 Adamsburg Infinity Hooked On You
19 Spila Aleksandra Pileva Sonce I Mesečina
20 Alinta Jorun & Geir Lost & Found
21 Comino Pamela Bezzina All About A Life
22 Prasia Sopho Khalvashi Tell Me Why
23 Sunoma Velvet Mi Amore 1
24 Saksjaowie Maarja Liis Ilus He's Always On My Mind
25 Reignland Greta Koci Eja Zemer
26 Magna Grecia KariZma Fool For You
27 Mooseland Antony Costa It's A Beautiful Thing

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