The Nonsense Spin-off was a Spinoff contest in which all nations, part of the NSC World, chose a song which is funny and doesn't make any sense. The results were announced in the 16th of November 2007 and Zombira hosted the show for the very first time in its history.


Draw Nation Artist/s Song YouTube video Place Points
01 Hibernia Toy Box Tarzan & Jane YT Link 1 111
02 Lyapunovia Holly Dolly Ieva's Polka YT Link 10 60
03 Yaponesia Jakazid feat. Barry Scott Cillit Bang YT Link 4 99
04 Vorhota Hugo The Hippo I Love The Hippo YT Link 16 48
05 Gozitania Unknown Artist The Hippo Song YT Link 15 48
06 Comino Morphing Kittens Kitty Said What YT Link 12 54
07 Begonia Bart Simpson feat. White Stripes The Hardest Button to Button YT Link 17 46
08 Zombira South Park What would Brian Boitano do YT Link 14 49
09 Halito Weird Al Yankovic Polkarama YT Link 6 86
10 Adamsburg Laser Det var en gång en fågel YT Link 19 34
11 Astique Lene Alexandra My Boobs are OK! YT Link 5 93
12 Saint Joe & Southgulfia Mein Hund ist schwul Die Zillertaler Türkenjäger YT Link 23 11
13 Spila Unknown Artist This Is Sparta YT Link 7 75
14 Swelatie Homer Simpson Spider Pig YT Link 13 54
15 Alinta Mo Collins Whatever, Don't Matter YT Link 2 102
16 Rotterdamus Team America America, Fvck Yeah! YT Link 22 21
17 Mooseland Scooch vs Verka Flying The Dancing Flag For You YT Link 11 58
18 Calypso Unknown Artist The Llama Song YT Link 3 101
19 Instir Gumimaci Normal, Fast, Slow YT Link 8 70
20 Reym-L-Dneurb Nut feat. Rihanna Starship Rihanna YT Link 9 70
21 Shamitri Zé Cabra Deixei Tudo Por Ela YT Link 25 9
22 Ugaly Koji Kondo Item Fanfare YT Link 21 25
23 Sunoma Eva I Gynaika Maradona Pare Podi YT Link 24 11
24 Brugia Samson & Gert Wij Zijn Bij de Brandweer YT Link 18 37
25 Belvist Unknown Artist Yogi Bear Theme Song YT Link 20 30

Recap for Nonsense Spin-off

Final ResultsEdit

Nonsense finalresults

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