Odotus is a continent serving the Waiting List nations in the NSC realm.

It currently consists of twenty sovereign states - Artyomka, Begonia, Belvist, Blackmere, Dalisska, Il-Bidu, Irinatie, Kamandé, Kosma, Lukeland, Luzinia, Meilutya, New Harlem, Oblivion, Pebbleland, Sakuralia, Santa d'Lucia, Sunset Coast, Tonallán and Utopia.

Odotus has an area of 5,508,000 square kilometers (2,126,650 sq mi).

Countries and territories Edit

Country or territory Area (km2) Population Population density per km2 Capital
Flag of Artyomka Artyomka TBD 6,550,000 TBD Gleb
Begonia Begonia TBD 2,800,000 TBD Karkana
Belvist(nova) zastava Belvist TBD 6,000,000 TBD Bela City
Flag of Blackmere Blackmere TBD 4,550,000 TBD Svàrtur
Dalisska Dalisska TBD 20,000,000 TBD Lyndra
Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu TBD 560,000 TBD Bidu
Irinatie Irinatie TBD 2,800,000 TBD Tyr
Kamandeflag Kamandé TBD 419,000 TBD Sima-Noire
Flag of Kosma Kosma TBD 15,545,900 TBD Luna
Lukelandflag Lukeland TBD 18,600,000 TBD Luke City
Flag of Luzinia Luzinia TBD 4,500,000 TBD Dublinst
Meilutya Meilutya TBD 15,000,000 TBD Aquarela
Flag of New Harlem New Harlem TBD 8,405,837 TBD Dufrunania
Flag of Oblivion Oblivion TBD 114,700,000 TBD Lanier
Flag of Pebbleland Pebbleland TBD TBD TBD Rosetown
Flagofsakuralia Sakuralia TBD 25,000,000 TBD Hanashima
Flag of Santa d'Lucia Santa d'Lucia TBD TBD TBD TBD
Flag of Sunset Coast Sunset Coast TBD 500,000 TBD Shipyard's Ruin
Flag of Tonallán Tonallán TBD TBD TBD Tlahuilco
Flag of Utopia Utopia TBD 98,716,001 TBD Utopia Planitia

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