Official Name: Kingdom of Pangora

Area: 187,785 sq miles

Capital: Lechna, (Population: 2,800,000)

Other major cities/towns: Clepida, Shinxea, Fempro

Currency: Pangoran Dollar

Population: 20,156,018

Languages: Pangoran

Adult Literacy Rate: 99%

Pangora is an island nation located in the Western Continent. The country has been an independent monarchy since 1104. The current ruler is King Polimina II, sixth ruler of the Shinxa dynasty and the 31st overall. Pangora has a chain of mountains in the north-west of the island known as the Apanaxi Mountains, a sacred location to most Pangorans. The south-eastern peninsula contains a large forest with a wide range of wildlife. The Isle Of Zicopa in the south contains Pangora's largest prison and a statue of King Mechaxama I, Pangora's first ruler.

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