Pigloo are a French band whose videos usually involve cartoon penguins, and have notably covered Eurovision song 'Papa Pingouin'. Pigloo was chosen to represent Cydoni-Gibberia in Nation Song Contest 22, held in Jastistia, after a tie-break win over Yo! Gabba Gabba. They ended up 20th in the final, and were the 2nd most successful entry for Cydoni-Gibberia up until NSC 25.

Reception Edit

Pigloo were seen as unexpected qualifiers, notably in Reym-L-Dneurb and Tohru. Nethertheless, they managed to finish above 8 other entries in the final, amassing 65 points, notably with a douze points from Mooseland and 10 points each from Doklea and Instir. It was later revealed that Cydoni-Gibberia and St. Lotus tied for the 10th qualification position and, had Hibernia had voted, Pigloo might not have qualified to the final.

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