Randomia flag

Randomia (Ebsinu in local language) - random country situated in Ennessee

About RandomiaEdit

  • Motto - Bwcwe fucw yo! (Never give up!)
  • President - Javier Lottatang
  • Anthem - Nyan Cat Song
  • National Language - Rainbowish
  • Population - 69.123
  • Capital - Numanuma (Xwbrwe region)
  • National code - RAN
  • Demonym - Randomish
  • Enthonym (s) - Randomier
  • Enthonym (p) - Randomiers
  • National arms - Afro pirate skull and two singing ducks


Nowadays, Randomia has 6 biggest cities:

  • Numanuma - the capital of Randomia (Xwbrwe region)
  • Gawk - the second largest city, famous for nothing (Aiyrg-qwar region)
  • Gills - the third largest city, harbour (Aiyrg-war region)
  • Fume - city, which famous for factories (Bierg-qwar region)
  • Globe - university city, only students and teachers live here (Bierg-war region)
  • Shack - only aborigenes live here (there was some hiding, they aren't porn stars) (Bierg region)

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