North Bank Edit

North Banks

Northern Half of INK, have borders to Rumia, Illumia and some other unknown Countries. Capital Campside of INK, CampA is located on the middle of the south border to South Banks at the River Umbra, which is called Shwartz in Paper & INK. You can also find the formerly embassy of Paperland there, which is with it's airshafts for Paperplanes the only safe (but expensive) way for travelling between INK and Paperland.

Some small villages are located at the illumian border in the east, mainly inhabited by Illumian settlers and only a few INKish people, because inkish people are Nomads normally and don't like to stay for long at the same place. At the river Shwartz, you can find other camps of inkish people, but they are never constantly on the same place, CampsideA is the only exclusion, but also with a permanently changing population.

The more you go to the west, the less camps you will find. The reason for this seems to be that Rumia is nearby and if you are near the western borders you won't find any camps. INK have quite good relationsships to some rumian settlements, but not with all, that is the first reason why people being aware of the borders to Rumia. The more important may be the fire lakes in Rumia, because the nomads from INK have a deep-rooted fear of from fire. That has it's roots in that there ancestors were Paperians, who have the same fear, but even stronger.

South Bank Edit

South Banks

Same as in the North Banks, there are many camps at the river Shwartz (or Umbra in natian language) and they also avoid the rumian borders, but there are no villages near Illumia, this are only on the northern bank. In opposite to the North Bank, in this region there are also camps away from the river and they are on the trade route to Paperland which goes from the northern border to the south enters the paperian region Shred, Gön and ends in Filefold City.

Shwartz Edit


This INK region is a bit special, because it is not just identical with the river Shwartz (Umbra), which belongs half to North Banks and half to South Banks. It is a region which is fluent, like the water it is located on. There are the boatsmen on the river and all water in 50 meters arround their boats is counted as the territory of Shwartz as lang as they don't leave the papendink borders. Sometimes this causes trouble, especially if foreign people cruise on the river, because Shwartz people don't like if others enters their borders without permission.

The shwartz people lives from the sweetwater octopuses of the river, they milk their ink and deliver it to markets at the camps on north or south banks of it.

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