Principality of Riya-Sampetrina

Kerajaan Riya dan Sampetrina Principium Riyei Sampetrini

Flag of Riya-Sampetrina
Member station RTRS (Radio-Televisi Riya-Sampetrina)
Appearances 12
Debut WLSC 116
Best result 4th: WLSC 116, WLSC 119, WLSC 125
Worst result 18th: WLSC 121

Riya-Sampetrina is a principality located South-East of Odotus. Debuting along with Valrax in WLSC 116, it has an illustrious history while in advent in entering the main roster.

It is a consistutional monarchy with a title of principality. The current monarch is the Princess Luthiara Eulaliya Lestari, who has been in power since the untimely death of her guardian the former Princess Silvana Fortunata five years ago. She is known to be kind and generous, with doses of humour, mischief and creativity; thus many rulers from other nations would sought her hand for that.

Basic Facts Edit

  • Population: 17,586,214
  • Capital city: Bulan-Bethari
  • Country Code: RIY
  • Internet Code: .riya
  • Government: Constitutional Monarchy (Principality)
  • Head of State: Princess Luthiara Eulaliya Lestari
  • National Anthem: "Bunga dari negara-negara" "Flos ex gentibus" (Flower of the Nations)
  • Official Languages: Latin, Indonesian, English
  • Flower: Vanda Miss Joaquim
  • Motto: The land where magic, mystery and music entwine
  • Currency: Paisa (100 perak = 1 paisa (Plural: paisiye))

Geography Edit

The Ten Regions : Capitals (+ one administrative region)

  1. Filfla : Il-Fjura
  2. Sri Amini : Surakata-Devi
  3. Tsahilbaa : Ublazbaatar
  4. Verjamina : Gulde
  5. Samarievsky : Novaya Tsvetka
  6. Tanjung Pinang : Juwalhati
  7. Pinna Marina :
  8. Sanominus : Sanominus
  9. Alkanet : Yavatmal
  10. Saranriau :
  11. Betharia Administrative Region : Bulan Bethari

History Edit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
WLSC 116 Joan Baez Diamonds and Rust 4 68
WLSC 117 Nanne Grönvall Tarantellan 8 56
WLSC 118 Carrara Shine On Dance 13 50
WLSC 119 Alexander Rybak Return 4 71
WLSC 120 Esma Redžepova Dzelem Dzelem 5 66
WLSC 121 My Life as Ali Thomas Cordelia 18 24
WLSC 122 Toto Coelo I Eat Cannibals 12 41
WLSC 123 Enigma ft. Aquilo Amen 7 64
WLSC 124 Did not participate
WLSC 125 Amitabh Bachchan with A. Yagnik, S. Singh, U. Narayan Hori Khele Raghuveera 4 63
WLSC 126 Debbie Scerri To Mantato 16 35
WLSC 127 OY Space Diaspora 7 53
WLSC 128 GO2 & Christine Blood On Fire 6 57
WLSC 129 Serhat Durmuş Gesi Bağları 5 55
WLSC 130 Nina Kraljić Vir 8 57
WLSC 131 Nabila Dali My Dream (Eǧǧet-iyi ad arguɣ)

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