Member station TVSt
Appearances 7
Debut NSC 57
Best result 25th, NSC 59
Worst result 24th SF, NSC 63

Starogardia is a city-state bordering the Baltica Sea. It is world famous for its neutrality, and has been neutral since 1034. However, neighbouring, larger nations found this neutrality annoying, as Starogardia, in a strategically important place, did not want to co-operate in wars. In 1846, the city-state was conquered. The occupying nations tried to kill the city's unique atmosphere, culture and language. They failed, but the city was hurt. However, after 134 years, the country regained independence (1980). During the next 30 years democracy in the country flourished; and so did the culture. The economy slowly was rebuilt. This would’ve taken much faster in any other country, but since Starogardians are so lazy and forgetful it took them 30 years. However, this is changing and now, finally, things are happening faster.

Now, the city has finally recovered from harsh occupation. The city has been restored to its former glory. The city's people are happy again. There is little green land inside the country, with the exception of city parks. The city has a high population density. In 2010, the government has decided to promote the culture and music of the city by joining NSC. Hopefully the city will be successful and it will find songs that represent the city and it's uniqueness!

NSC EntriesEdit

Edition Artist Title Final Points Semi Points Link
NSC 57 Ania Dabrowska "Bang Bang" DNQ DNQ 19 40 [1]
NSC 58 Ewa Farna "Dmuchawce, Latawce, Wiatr" DNQ DNQ 17 45 [2]
NSC 59 Cee-Lo "Fuck You" 25 60 8 71 [3]
NSC 60 Justyna Steczkowksa "Dziewczyna Szamana" DNQ DNQ 22 37 [4]
NSC 61 Yelle "Je Veux Te Voir" DNQ DNQ 13 57 [5]
NSC 62 Nino "Theos" DNQ DNQ 14 60 [6]
NSC 63 Brodka "W Pieciu Smakach" DNQ DNQ 24 15 [7]


Because of recent Starogardian history, and the current strong Starogardian economy, the city-state is quite multicultural. Here are the ethnicities living in Starogardia:

Starogardians - 78%

Horehronielandians - 10%

Adamsburgers - 4%

Angelics - 3%

Others - 3%

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