Sunoma was a united country that was united last August from the two former nations Sunland and Manoma.

The flag of Sunoma symbolises the unity of the two former nations under the sun.

It was located in the former region of Sunland.

Facts: Edit


Population:8.000.000 inhabitants

Capital:Waterfall city

King:The water king

Broadcaster:SUNT (Sunoma National Television)

Geography and more Edit

The nation of Sunoma is not one of the biggest ones, but is one of the most developped countries. Almost all the inhabitants

have all the basic things to live. The main income comes from the developped sea activities and from the big factory of the sun

in the south of the nation. In Sunoma there are 6 main cities.

Waterfall city:The waterfall city is the capital of the nation. About 50% of the inhabitants live in the Waterfall city. That is the center of the art and the main organisations of the country, as well as banks and broadcasters.

Sunshine city:The sunshine city is in the far south of Sunoma. It is the second largest city, about 30% of the total inhabitants. There is a great developpement, due to the big factory of the sun that 60% of the inhabitants work.

Butterfly city:A former city of Manoma. 10% of the total inhabitants live there. The city is located far in the north.

Other big cities are Dolphinopolis, Gullia and Elvia.

In 31/3/2008 Sunoma is over as a nation, as the part of Manoma has withdrawn and the nation has been changed into Sunland again...

Nation Song Contest and Sunoma Edit

Sunoma in almost every edition organises a local selection for the representation of the nations.

The names of the festivals in each edition:

Sunfestivalen NSC 11 (Waterfall city)

Sunfestivalen NSC 12(Waterfall city)

Sounds for the soul show NSC 13 (Butterfly city)

Sunfest NSC 14 (Sunshine city)

Heaven of music festival NSC 15 (Tour in Sunoma)(Gullia/Dolphinopolis/Elvia/Waterfall city)

NSC 16-Gina G.-Ti amo

NSC 17-Faithless-Salva mea

The festival of Sparkle NSC 20 (Waterfall city)

Results from NSCs Edit

Edition Artist Song Place Points Draw SF/F
NSC 11 Nelly Furtado I'm like a bird 4 113 23/24
NSC 12 Shirley Clamp Sanslöst Förlorad 19 59 -/15
NSC 13 Marquess You and not tokio 27 46 -/8
NSC 14 Rednex Wish you were here 19 79 4/19
NSC 15 Nelly Furtado All good things (Come to an end) 15 98 18/10
NSC 16 Gina G. Ti amo 26 51 -/18
NSC 17 Faithless Salva mea 24 58 24/- (SF)
NSC 18 - - - - -
NSC 19 - - - - -
NSC 20 The Nicole Shut up! 14 60 2/-(SF)

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