Blue Flag

The Flag of Tanadia

Tanadia is a nation currently on the Waiting List. It has never paticipated in the Nation Song Contest, and will make it's Waiting List Song Contest debut in edition 9. The national broadcaster is TNB.

The capital city of Tanadia is called Goodwin City, and the largest is called Kapusniak. President Connor Welch lives in a huge mansion in Goodwin.

Waiting List Song Contest Edit

This table shows the entries of Tanadia in the WLSC:

Edition Singer Song Points Place
WLSC 9 Julie Lige Nu 47 14th
WLSC 10 Alpines Cocoon 74 12th
WLSC 11 Mia Veel üks Päev 32 13th
WLSC 12 VV Brown feat. Chiddy Bang Children 97 5th
WLSC 13 Anita Lipnicka Halfway Through 76 9th
WLSC 14 Kaltrina Selimi Hajt DSQ DSQ
WLSC 15 Boh Runga Evelyn 36 12th
WLSC 16 Le Kid We Should Go Home Together 65 10th
WLSC 17 The Storm Lost In The Fire 112 1st
WLSC 18 Manca Špik Moj Edini DSQ DSQ
WLSC 19 Andy Grammer Fine By Me

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