United Islands
United IslaNDs
Member station UiTV
Appearances 2
Debut NSC 45
Best result 22th (NSC 45)
Worst result 24th (NSC 46)

United IslandsEdit

United Islands are an island nation which lies on the Northern continent. United Islands are the second smallest country in the world. The territory is made up of 7 islands: Lestino, Axe, Almania, Spladium, Silence, Fionesia and Freedom. The capital city is on the territory of the Silence island.

United Islands are one of the youngest nations on continent. Our flag consists of two blue lines, which represent the great importance of the water in country, black background, which represents dark history of United Islands, and a modern blazon that represents the waves of colors, waves of music in the country.

United Islands unite different cultures and languages.


Ui night

United Islands at night

Ui sea

The sea of United Islands

Ui delegation

Delegation of United Islands

Capital City: Rändajad

Hit destinations: Armastus, Helenas, Tosiäx, Mostenium

NSC Delegation: - Elena Paparizou, Ani Lorak, Svetlana Loboda, Patricia Kaas, Mihai Traistariu and Sakis Rouvas

President: Adriana Lima

Area: 46,665 km2

Population: 1,666,008

Currency: Räx

National Day: October 21th

Official languages: Greek (71%), Croatian (10%)

Other languages: Spanish (2%), Finish (3%), English (7%), Russian (3%), French (5%)

Motto: Αισθανθείτε το ρυθμό της μουσικής και της ζωής (Feel the rhythm of music and life)

Broadcaster: UiTV (United Island TV)

National arena: The Silence (36 000 seats)

United Islands in the Nation Song ContestEdit

United Islands entered NSC just few days before the show started. Although we had only a few days to sign up the song, national television decided to have a National Final.

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