United States of Carmen

Flag of United States of Carmen

Population: 57.000.000

Capital city: CocoTown

Other important cities: Beach City (7.883.000), Survivor Town (7.105.000), Enzoburg (6.564.000) and New Carmen (5.745.000).

Government: Monarchy. Queen: Carmen Russo I.

Currency: Italian lira (1 euro = 300.000 liras). Languages: Italian (official language, 100% of the population), Spanish (co-official language, 93% of the population) and English (84% of the population).


United States of Carmen was the host of the unsuccessful first attempt to create the NSC (now referred to as "NSC 0") and is therefore commonly considered the founder of the whole contest. The nation didn't take part in a proper NSC edition until the semifinal was inroduced (NSC 6). That was only one of two participations, the second one being NSC 7. Both of the entries fared quite well with the voters in their respective editions.

Edition: Song: Singer: Place (SF): Point (SF): Place (F): Points (F):
NSC 6 Todos Me Miran Gloria Trevi 6th 103 11th 93
NSC 7 Merche Bombon - - 5th 114

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