Uniting Nations are a British dance group consisting of Darren 'Daz' Sampson and Paul Keenan. They made their foray into the Nation Song Contest in NSC 21 where, after a long NF, they were finally chosen to represent Cydoni-Gibberia at the prestigious event with the song 'You & Me'. They ended up becoming the 1st Cydu entry to reach the final of the competition and finished in a respectable 9th place with 121 points, and recieving the full 12 points from Halito, Saint Lotus, Gabriel, Daffodilia and Shamitri, and recieving points from 22 nations. They were also in the running to represent Belvist in NSC 22, with the song 'Out Of Touch', but they were eventually beaten into 2nd place in that NF by Maria Haukaas Storeng with the song 'Breathing', which failed to bring Belvist to the final.

Comeback Edit

Uniting Nations returned to the Cydu NF, The Pulse Of Music, for NSC 23, this time with the song 'Do It Yourself', making it the 3rd year in a row they were involved in an NSC NF. They came last in the NF, losing out to 9 other entries. The Verve were the eventual winners of the 3rd Pulse Of Music, and will be the 4th Cydoni-Gibberian entry to NSC.

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