The Waiting List Song Contest is a smaller contest that runs alongside the main Nation Song Contest on the same forum, and is held between the nations pending entry to the main contest and are thus part of Odotus. The general format is similar to the Nation Song Contest, although as there are no semi-finals the contest is a week shorter than its larger counterpart, and all songs compete in one show. The winner of the previous contest generally hosts the next edition, and nations are eligible to enter until they receive a place on the roster.

Editions Edit

Winners Edit

Edition Nation Artist Song Link Points
WLSC 1 Griffin Empire Griffin Empire Urban Symphony Skorpion Link 104
WLSC 2 Dal Riata2 Dal Riata Mànran Latha Math Link 87
WLSC 3 Doire Doire Caesars Jerk It Out Link 75
WLSC 4 Paperland2 Paperland Alexz Johnson Trip Around The World Link 153
WLSC 5 Eterland Eterland Christina Perri Jar of Hearts Link 109
WLSC 6 Aspirinia Aspirinia Lissie Everywhere I Go Link 100
WLSC 7 Aspirinia Aspirinia Wolf Gang The King and all of his man Link 114
WLSC 8 Brughentwerp Brughentwerp Birdy Skinny Love Link 139
WLSC 9 Singeneria Singeneria Short Stack Planets Link 116
WLSC 10 Brughentwerp Brughentwerp Kato Flamingo Link 124
WLSC 11 Illumia Illumia Dia Frampton The Broken Ones Link 104
WLSC 12 Gringotts Gringotts 77 Bombay Street Long Way Link 122
WLSC 13 Kobilich Kobilich Helena Paparizou Mambo Link 118
WLSC 14 Chocolate Empire Christina Perri A Thousand Years Link 81
WLSC 15 Illumia Illumia Of Monsters And Men Little Talk Link 110
WLSC 16 Chocolate Empire Kelly Clarkson Stronger Link 98
WLSC 17 Tanadia The Storm Lost In The Fire Link 112
WLSC 18 Aspirinia Aspirinia Florence & The Machine No Light, No Light Link 127
WLSC 19 Illumia Illumia Ronya Hyperventilating Link 147
WLSC 20 Bigicia Bigicia Maria Mena Homeless Link 123
WLSC 21 Spalato The Band Perry If I Die Young Link 133
WLSC 22 Brughentwerp Brughentwerp VV Brown Shark In The Water Link 109
WLSC 23 Zumkotzen Zumkotzen Regina Spektor Eet Link 124
WLSC 24 Lerkhatum Faun Oyneng Yar Link 99
WLSC 25 ChessLand Caro Emerald Back It Up Link 134
WLSC 26 Denmarkofpeace Denmark of Peace Marina & The Diamonds Oh No! Link 111
WLSC 27 Ujedinjeni Gvozd Ujedinjeni Gvozd Lenka Heart Skips A Beat Link 104
WLSC 28 Denmarkofpeace Denmark of Peace Alizée Moi... Lolita Link 120
WLSC 29 SR Indiria Iyeoka Simply Falling Link 104
WLSC 30 Griffin Empire Griffin Empire Ewert and the 2 Dragons Good Man Down Link91
WLSC 31 Cherniya Cherniya Sam Brown Stop Link90
WLSC 32 Trollheimr Kylie Minogue & Nick Cave Where The Wild Roses Grow Link120
WLSC 33 Trollheimr Blackmore's Night Village Lanterne Link118
WLSC 34 Trash Canyon Halestorm Familiar Taste of Poison Link134
WLSC 35 Zumkotzen Zumkotzen Maria Mena Just Hold Me Link133
WLSC 36 Zumkotzen Zumkotzen Nolwenn Leroy Tri Martolod Link 134
WLSC 37 Vylkuzeme The Kelly Family Fell In Love With An Alien Link 118
WLSC 38 SmileyLand Madonna Frozen Link 149
WLSC 39 ZumkotzenZumkotzen Evanescence My Immortal Link 167
WLSC 40 Impressland Annalisa Scintille Link 88
WLSC 41 Lux Islands Alexander Rybak Europe's Skies Link 94
WLSC 42 Yaaayland Within Temptation Somewhere Link 118
WLSC 43 Yaaayland Anouk For Bitter Or Worse Link 129
WLSC 44 The White Lands Nightwish Sleeping Sun Link 117
WLSC 45 Euphorian Islands Within Temptation Faster Link 111
WLSC 46 Trash Canyon Katzenjammer A Bar In Amsterdam Link 114
WLSC 47 Impressland OneRepublic Counting Stars Link 113
WLSC 48 SmileyLand Dulce Pontes Canção do Mar Link 122
WLSC 49 Vylkuzeme Faun Egil Saga Link 95
WLSC 50 Trollheimr Nightwish While Your Lips Are Still Red Link 112
WLSC 51 The White Lands Birdy Wings Link 115
WLSC 52 Kosma Céline Dion Parler à mon père Link 137
WLSC 53 Vylkuzeme Nolwenn Leroy Karantez Vro Link 112
WLSC 54 Tianshan Amy Macdonald This Is The Life Link 168
WLSC 55 The White Lands Agnes Obel Riverside Link 98
WLSC 56 Belvist Irish Stew of Sindidun Lady of New Tomorrow Link 137
WLSC 57 Luzinia Sandra van Nieuwland Hunter Link 110
WLSC 58 Trollheimr Avantasia Farewell Link 120
WLSC 59 Vylkuzeme Loreena McKennitt Never-Ending Road Link 137
WLSC 60 Suvonia Tasmin Archer Sleeping Satellite Link 103
WLSC 61 Irinatie Flogging Molly If I Ever Leave This World Alive Link 102
WLSC 62 Vylkuzeme Dracovallis ft. Sharm Awaiting Link 102
WLSC 63 Sakuralia Robert Miles Children Link 112
WLSC 64 Luxona REM Losing My Religion Link 101
WLSC 65 Glimmering Ekat Bork The World Is Dancing Link 93
WLSC 66 Begonia Hladno Pino Može Link 80
WLSC 67 Luzinia Ivy & Gold The Town Link 102
WLSC 68 Begonia Manic Street Preachers Europa Geht Durch Mich Link 90
WLSC 69 Irinatie Foo Fighters Best Of You Link 73
WLSC 70 Belvist Blackmore's Night Under The Violet Moon Link 66
WLSC 71 Belvist Jackie Evancho The Rains of Castamere Link 79
WLSC 72 Pebbleland Frøder Over The Sea Link 78
WLSC 73 Oblivion Vangelis Conquest of Paradise Link 90
WLSC 74 Oblivion Carl Orff O Fortuna Link 91
WLSC 75 Utopia Secret Garden Sleepsong Link 113
WLSC 76 Utopia 2Cellos I Will Wait Link 91
WLSC 77 Utopia Sarah Brightman Angel Link 70
WLSC 78 Utopia Ofra Haza You Link 81
WLSC 79 Lorien 2Cellos We Found Love Link 91
WLSC 80 Meilutya The Killers Mr. Brightside Link 64
WLSC 81 Sakuralia Yuna Rescue Link 56
WLSC 82 Sakuralia ABBA Take A Chance On Me Link 56
WLSC 83 Il-Bidu Lene Marlin Sittin' Down Here Link 56
WLSC 84 Oblivion Severina & Učiteljice Generale Link 49
WLSC 85 Utopia Empire of the Sun DNA Link 40
WLSC 86 L'eirop Cajsa Silk Higher Link 68
WLSC 87 L'eirop of Verona Castles Link 88
WLSC 88 Serenes Nils Frahm Ambre Link 73
WLSC 89 Santa D'Lucia Nina Kraljić Zaljuljali Smo Svijet Link 86
WLSC 90 L'Eirop Kelly Sweet Ashes of My Paradise Link 78
WLSC 91 L'Eirop Boy Epic Scars Link 91
WLSC 92 Plaxeda The Moon and the Nightspirit Égi Táltos Link 72
WLSC 93 Rahasia-Diati PERSROCK Khorafat Link 70
WLSC 94 New Bander State Khrystyna Soloviy Trymay Link 105
WLSC 95 New Bander State Avalanche City Inside Out Link 83
WLSC 96 Gringotts Autoheart The Sailor Song Link 72
WLSC 97 Serenes Katie Kim Wicked Game Link 69
WLSC 98 10 Regions of Mobius Modest Mouse Coyotes Link 75
WLSC 99 10 Regions of Mobius Magellanovo Oblako Posledneye Solntse Link 72
WLSC 100 Gringotts Lord Belial Forlorn in Silence Link 67
WLSC 101 Rahasia-Diati Elisa No Hero Link 74
WLSC 102 10 Regions of Mobius Sleeping at Last Saturn Link 62
WLSC 103 Kimmystan Alan Walker Faded Link 64
WLSC 104 Kimmystan MØRLAND Skin Link 78
WLSC 105 10 Regions of Mobius Caravan Palace Lone Digger Link 92
WLSC 106 Moisantia Holly Johnson Ascension Link 90
WLSC 107 Kimmystan Allie X Sanctuary Link 90
WLSC 108 Carpentaria Serj Tankian ft. Larisa Ryan Ari Im Sokhag Link 99
WLSC 109 Amhr Kygo feat.Kodaline Raging Link 96
WLSC 110 Sjómaður Evgeny Grinko Valse Link 87
WLSC 111 New Bander State BANNERS Shine A Light Link 85
WLSC 112 Rahasia-Diati Lovex When The Lights Go Down Link 96
WLSC 113 Wuffels Todrick Hall & Nicole Scherzinger Papi Link 92
WLSC 114 Kimmystan The Girl and the Dreamcatcher Glowing in the Dark Link 86
WLSC 115 Aldmeri Dominion Jorge Blanco Light Your Heart Link 85
WLSC 116 Kimmystan Niila Restless Heart Link 93
WLSC 117 Valrax Lady Gaga The Edge of Glory Link 96
WLSC 118 New Bander State Cruel Youth Diamond Days Link 103
WLSC 119 Sundfør Justyna Steczkowska Terra Link 104
WLSC 120 Kimmystan Amy Birks & Jessica Kennedy Lady of the Lake Link 86
WLSC 121 Solentoya K3 Waar zijn de engeltjes Link 97
WLSC 122 Solentoya Kato & Safri Duo ft. Bjornskoy Dimitto (Let Go) Link 97
WLSC 123 Handaen Ece Seçkin Adeyyo Link 85
WLSC 124 Lesbondragland Alessio Bernabei Nel Mezzo Di Un Applauso Link 80
WLSC 125 Thodistan The Weather Girls It's Raining Men Link 83
WLSC 126 Solentoya Despina Vandi Ola Allazoun Link 93
WLSC 127 Bigicia Atiye Sor Link 74
WLSC 128 Rahasia-Diati Twin Wild Willow Tree Link 72
WLSC 129 Sundfør Hurts Beautiful Ones Link 74
WLSC 130 Kadis Franziska Wiese Ich bin frei Link 97
WLSC 131 Kadis Callum Beattie We Are Stars Link 87
WLSC 132 Kadis Alice Merton No Roots Link 95
WLSC 133 Godric's Hollow Alexiane A Million On My Soul Link 76
WLSC 134 Solentoya Severina Hurem Link 48
WLSC 135 Riya-Sampetrina Shreya Ghoshal, Kavita Krishnamurthy, KK Dola Re Dola Link 40
WLSC 136 Godric's Hollow Dotan Home Link 68
WLSC 137 Kinzerreich Milica Pavlovic Boginja Link 35
WLSC 138 Kadis Aynur Aydin Gunah Sevap Link 77
WLSC 139 Solentoya Tydiaz Claro de Luna Link 37

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