Waiting List Song Contest 110
"Pocketful of Feathers"
Date 7th June - 22nd June 2016
Host Amhr
Venue Lindblum, Amhr
Winner Sjómaður
Evgeny Grinko - Valse
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their favorite songs
Entries 17
Debuting nations Ludania
Returning nations L'eirop
Withdrawing nations Chocolate Empire
Nul points None
Confirmation 7th June - 13th June 2016
Final voting 14th June - 21st June 2016
Final results 22nd June 2016
Nation Song Contest
WLSC 109        WLSC 111

Waiting List Song Contest 110 was the 110th edition of WLSC. It was hosted by Amhr after their victory in the previous edition. Sjómaður achieved their first WLSC victory in this edition.

The theme of this edition was "Pocketful of Feathers" and featured feather motifs.

Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Carpentaria Mads Langer København Link 13 43
02 Ludania Marina Kaye Mirror Link 4 75
03 L'eirop Johanna Glaza Letter to New York Link 3 80
04 Skyland Marija Serifovic Svoja i Tvoja Link 15 37
05 Lost Islands Green Novice Zyli malni padebeši Link 14 41
06 Serenes Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa feat. Mercedes Peón Jan Sobótkowy Link 12 50
07 New Bander State Transviolet New Bohemia Link 5 74
08 Sundfør Parov Stelar feat. Claudia Kane Six Feet Underground Link 11 55
09 Amhr Joanna Newsom '81 Link 9 58
10 Yönuit Shura What's It Gonna Be? Link 10 57
11 Raingate Conor Maynard feat. Ne-Yo Turn Around Link 8 59
12 Rahasia-Diati Blue October Say It Link 7 68
13 Yistland Alisan Porter Blue Bayou Link 16 24
14 Sjómaður Evgeny Grinko Valse Link 1 87
15 Kimmystan PLGRMS Fools And Their Gold Link 2 84
16 Temekylopia Kazoo Du duger som du borde vara Link 16 23
17 Valienté Darin Nobody Knows Link 6 71

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