Waiting List Song Contest 113
"Fashion Show"
Date 1st August - 17th August 2016
Host Rahasia-Diati
Venue Rahasia-Diati
Winner Wuffels
Todrick Hall & Nicole Scherzinger - Papi
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their favorite songs
Entries 17
Debuting nations
Returning nations
Withdrawing nations
Nul points None
Final voting
Final results
Nation Song Contest
WLSC 112        WLSC 114

Waiting List Song Contest 113 was the 113th edition of WLSC. It was hosted by Rahasia-Diati after their victory in the previous edition. Wuffels achieved their first WLSC victory in this edition.

The theme of this edition was "Fashion Show" and featured fashion motifs in style of vintage fashion magazines.

Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Lost Islands Noel Paul Stookey Wedding Song (There Is Love) Link 16 26
02 Volantis Adele Send My Love Link 6 62
03 Moisantia ULRIKA Oh Sally! Link 12 47
04 Yönuit Glass Animals Life Itself Link 3 73
05 Tamausia & Deltannor Aaradhna Brown Girl Link 15 30
06 Amhr Rei Kondoh Ryoshima Field South Link 2 81
07 Kimmystan Jarryd James & Broods 1000 x Link 4 71
08 Sundfør Gin Wigmore Kill of the Night Link (DSQ)* (DSQ)*
09 New Bander State Young The Giant Silvertongue Link 5 65
10 Lesbondragland Madonna Vogue Link 8 59
11 L'eirop Crystal Castles Concrete Link 10 53
12 Thodistan Vesa Luma T'kan fol keq për mu Link 11 48
13 Redwood Dragon Blade Light Of Rome Link 14 35
14 Serenes James Holden The Caterpillar's Intervention Link 9 59
15 Rahasia-Diati Phantogram You Don’t Get Me High Anymore Link 7 60
16 Confederate States of Etorkia NAVI Dobroe Utro Link 13 44
17 Wuffels Todrick Hall & Nicole Scherzinger Papi Link 1 92

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