Date 25/07/2011 - 08/08/2011
Host Doire Doire
Venue Toth, capital of Doire
Winner Paperland2 Paperland
Voting system Eurovision system
Entries 15
Debuting nations AspiriniaAspirinia



Returning nations GenextGenext

Griffin Empire Griffin Empire

Withdrawing nations Sunoria Sunoria

Anselmsmumonia Anselmsmumonia

Nul points None
Confirmation 30 July - 8 August 2011
Final voting 8 August 2011
Final results 8 August 2011
Nation Song Contest
WLSC 3        WLSC 5
Waiting List Song Contest 4 was the 4th edition of the Waiting List Song Contest and was hosted in Doire after Caesars won for the nation in the previous edition of the contest.


Draw Nation Artist Song Video Place Points
01 GenextGenext Kato The Joker Link 9 68
02 KobilichKobilich Anda Adam My Love On You Link 11 53
03 Griffin Empire Griffin Empire Lauris Reiniks & Luisa Värk Linnamuinasjutt Link 5 88
04 JéruJéru Erik Segerstedt I Can’t Say I’m Sorry Link 3 99
05 AspiriniaAspirinia Morandi Save Me Link 4 91
06 BrughentwerpBrughentwerp Getter Jaani & Koit Toome Valged Ööd Link 11 53
07 Doire Doire Pereza No Queremos Ser Como Las Demas Link 8 69
08 Jeffia JeffiaThirsty Merc 20 Good Reasons Link 6 83
09 RetrolandRetroland Michael Learns To Rock The Actor Link 10 57
10 Paperland2 Paperland Alexz Johnson Trip Around The World Link 1 153
11 Marrakechia Marrakechia Patrick Bruel Au Café Des Délices Link 6 83
12 Carpatina CarpatinaBryn Christopher The Quest Link 2 113
13 Dal Riata2Dal Riata Anjo Amika Bela Revo Link 14 45
14 PR NeajlovPR Neajlov Vitas Mama Link 13 47



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