Waiting List Song Contest 77
"Rise Like A Phoenix"
Date 31 December 2014 - 13 January 2015
Host Sakuralia
Venue Polaris Arena, Snowpoint, Sakuralia
Winner Utopia
Sarah Brightman - Angel
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Entries 13
Debuting nations Genext
Returning nations Belvist
Withdrawing nations New Harlem
Nul points None
Confirmation 31 December 2014 - 5 January 2015
Final voting 5 -12 January 2015
Final results 13 January 2015
Nation Song Contest
WLSC 76        WLSC 78

The 77th edition of WLSC. Both winner Utopia and runner-up Blackmere declined to host, so Sakuralia took up the challenge. The theme, titled after Conchita Wurst's winning Eurovision song in 2014, symbolized the dawn of a new year.

Genext debuted this edition, while Belvist returned after some time away and New Harlem withdrew permanently.

Utopia emerged as the winner for the fourth consecutive edition after the leader in the voting, Meilutya, failed to vote in time.

Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Irinatie Prides Messiah Link 4 67
02 Begonia Julia Marcell Manners Link 7 54
03 Oblivion Maksim Mrvica Kolibre Link 5 63
04 Blackmere Evanescence Lost In Paradise Link 3 69
05 Artyomka Deickind Der Mond Link 11 30
06 Meilutya Lyriel Wenn Die Engel Fallen Link 12 DQ
07 Belvist Koji Kondo Song Of Time: Orchestral Version Link 2 69
08 Utopia Sarah Brightman Angel Link 1 70
09 Genext 4Reignrs More Link 10 43
10 Sakuralia Moranbong Band Without A Break Link 6 63
11 Pebbleland The Perishers Nothing Like You and I Link 9 48
12 Kamandé Dalida Gigi l'Amoroso Link 8 49
13 Chyariia Crazy Frog Axel F Link 13 DQ

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