Waiting List Song Contest 83
"Second Star to the Right"
Date 25 March - 8 April 2015
Host Sakuralia
Venue Takeuchi Arena, Shimaya, Sakuralia
Winner Il-Bidu
Lene Marlin - Sittin' Down Here
Voting system Each nation gives 12,10,8,6,4 points to their favorite songs
Entries 6
Debuting nations Glamastan
Returning nations None
Withdrawing nations Kamandé
Nul points TBA
Confirmation 25 - 31 March 2015
Final voting 31 March - 7 April 2015
Final results 8 April 2015
Nation Song Contest
WLSC 82        WLSC 84

The 83rd edition of WLSC.

Draw Nation Artist Song Link Place Points
01 Glamastan Miss Chiff Riot Link 5 24
02 Il-Bidu Lene Marlin Sittin' Down Here Link 1 40
03 Sakuralia John Parr St. Elmo's Fire Link 4 28
04 Meilutya Regina Spektor No Surprises Link 2 34
05 Chyariia Bina Bianca Your Song Link 6 DQ
06 Lorien Es Posthumus Unstoppable Link 3 28

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