History of entries:

NSC (April 27,2013)

Show Artist Song F Fp SF SFp RJ RJp Type
NSC96 Saule ft. Charlie WInston Dusty Men 4. 147 2. 87 2. 51 Cntr
NSC97 Laura Jansen Queen Of Elba 24. 75 pq Altp
NSC98 Nits Soap Bubble Box DNQ 25. 24 21. 28 Alt

F = Place in Final; Fp = Points in Final. SF = Place in Semifinal; SFp = Points in Semifinal

RJ = Place in Rest Jury; RJp = Points received from Rest Jury.

NSC Spin Offs:

Show Artist Song Rank Points

Total #Partic.

Doubles July '12 Soso Happy People 9 61 19 Alt
AATW Finland Aug '12 Jippu Eva 14 67 31 MS
Mystery Aug '12

Plastilina Mosh

Pervert Pop Song (Castigame) 17 44 30 Ind
Country Eliminations Contest III Dec '12 Jinja Safari Toothless Grin tbd Ind
ESC 2013 Anouk Birds 4 89 33 Retro

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